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Handcrafted outdoor furniture made in Oregon

Finishing your outdoor furniture


  • Choosing a stain and sealer for your furniture will be one of the most important decisions to keep your western red cedar looking fresh and beautiful and there are several options that you have available.
  • We recommend fence and deck grade oil stains and sealers that contain a UV blocker.  This will prevent the wood from turning grey from the exposure to sunlight.  Because our mission is to support Local, we first reccomend that you consider Sunfrog which a local company that produces high quality stain that is sold at Division Hardware in Portland.   If you are less concerned with local,   You might also want to consider Cabot to see the many other different alternatives and choices available which is sold at almost all stores that have their own paint department.  Simple seasonal “re-application” of these products will keep your furniture protected and looking fresh for many years to come.
  • A marine grade spar varnish  or an exterior polyurethane will work if you would like so achieve a glossy look.  Although a glossy finish is very attractive on outdoor furniture, it may  require sanding and refinishing at a later date.


  • Contact with the ground could  be a point vulnerable to deterioration, even for cedar.  But, we have engineered a solution for this.  If you furniture will have year round soil contact  you can  request that we use Pressure treated lumber for each bottom structural piece.  Although our display at triumph coffee and our photoshoot used cedar bottom pieces, we can build for you with this simple modification to increase the longevity of your furniture.  The change will be very slight, mostly unnoticeable and very practical.
  • If your furniture is going to sit on  a deck or a patio, we can also install plastic gliders on the bottom of each piece.  This will lift the furniture slightly from the surface for protection and also make it easier to move the heavier pieces without lifting.