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Handcrafted outdoor furniture made in Oregon


Cedar Settings is a small company that is based on local  sustainabiity.   And, by that, we are currently very aware of the challenges and crisis’s facing our world at the current time.  With all integrity, we would be irresponsible to ignore Portland’s Homeless Crisis while selling high end furniture to only those who can afford our products.  However, since business does require liquidity,  we cannot give our products away either.  Therefore, based on this aforementioned platform, we want you to bring us Ideas.  We are artists, and artist thrive on ideas.  Art is fluid, always changing and never afraid to evolve.  If, for example, you can think of  ways that Cedar Settings can help  to  find  community solutions with our services and products, we want to hear from you!  We will work in cooperation with any organization that brings people together in outdoor spaces to promote peace.  Do not be afraid to contact us if you have a great idea and you feel our company can help out and make a contribution.